What to Wear for Meditation Practice

You will certainly encounter distractions while meditating. An effective way of dealing with possible disruptions is to focus intently. It is equally important to wear comfortable wardrobe during your sessions. Get rid of tight tops and legwarmers. Instead, wear the appropriate meditation clothing that combine facilitate ease and energy. Otherwise, discomfort leads to discomfort that affects your practice.

Meditation Attire

This type of outfit includes a variety of clothes with absorbent (like cotton) and soft fabric. Loose-fitting unisex (harem) pants and jumpsuits are good examples. Consider other factors like size and elasticity as well. There should be a balance – not too loose or too tight. Colors matter a lot. These must be soothing to the eyes like light green and blue or somewhere between lemon yellow and lime. If you plan to join a meditation retreat, ideal meditation clothing includes the baggy trousers, simple tunic for men, and shawl.

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Why Wear these Garments?

The practice requires profound exploration of the mind, spirit, and consciousness. Your attire must complement this task or journey. Avoid something rough, constricted, itchy, and full of loose threads. The uneasiness prevents you from concentrating. Besides, your clothes have an essential purpose for a significant activity.

Traditional gurus and long-time practitioners prefer to be more formal, solemn, and conservative. Many of them opt for extras like meditation cloaks. The robe or cape ensures maximum coverage for certain postures. It also produces a sacred atmosphere suitable for deep reflection.

For example, Zen robes are applicable for individuals who meditate in sanctuaries. Japanese wear the traditional undergarment (Jubon) beneath the kimono as additional layer of clothing. On the other hand, shawls are more common. Laymen and cleric worldwide prefer this wrap.

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Comfortable Wardrobe

Nowadays, some of the best choices to wear meditation clothing during group or individual sessions are the following:

  • Loose-fitting Yoga cotton pants for both men and women – These harem slacks are perfect attire during summer and fall. It comes in various sizes and different colors.
  • Black and white Yoga jumpsuit for women only – It is 100% viscose rayon material with adjustable straps. A single size fits all women.
  • Side Slit Tunic for women – The blouse is a blend of style and prints. This type of female clothing is said to enhance mental breathing. It is made from 95% viscose and 5% spandex (Lycra synthetic fiber).
  • Gayatri Mantra and Om (Hindu Vedic Manuscripts) meditation shawl – This rayon scarf induces serenity and comfort naturally. The shawl’s beauty is described by yogis as multidimensional.
  • Men’s Tunic (Muslin cotton with Chinese collar) – The meditation tunic is ideal for indoor use. It is perfect for relaxing while performing the practice. The linen is thin and needs hand-washing because of the delicate fiber.
  • Buddhist Hooded Cloak – The oversized cloak is meant for men and women with four sizes and six colors.
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Parting Words

Put emphasis on comfort. It proves useful during an hour-long meditation. Space for regular practice is not limited to a quiet space but your mental and physical conditioning along with comfy clothes.

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