What is Pi Yao in Feng Shui? How does it Help?

Feng Shui buffs will tell you that Pi Yao or sometimes known as Pi Xiu represent one of the most potent ways of attracting prosperity (or wealth). In the world of Chinese Geomancy, this cure is the only one that protects against Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter. It often connotes to negative energy.  Grand Duke is among the most revered and feared god in Chinese belief. Bad luck will befall anyone who unintentionally offends the deity.

This mythological creature is a popular cure. It thrives with Dragon, Buddha, and Fu Dogs (Imperial Guardian Lions). All these are powerful protection symbols as well as indications of prominence and family riches. Pi Yao also goes by the name of Pi Kan or water form. Pi Xiu stands for the earthly figure. It cures and enhances. The cure resembles a small dragon-like creature. Another interpretation for this deity is the Lottery God. You can be lucky by putting lotter cards beneath the statue.

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Pi Xiu looks like Fu Dog. According to conventional Feng Shui remedy, its roots are entrenched deeply in Chinese myth. Because of Pi Yao’s loyalty and obedience, this feared icon emerged as personal guardian. You can find the amulet in keychains, bracelets, and other popular accessories. Display of the figurine in a business establishment can draw in continuous flow of money.

Use for Feng Shui

  • The fist denotes the orthodox application as protective antidote. Right positioning is opposite the area (Bagua direction) the Grand Duke threatens.
  • At the same time, said cure deals with two more negative energies which are Annual Flying Stars (2 & 5). The Flying Star characterizes an effective formula in Feng Shui that optimizes a person’s fortune during the Earth Dog Year (2018).
  • As symbol of windfall and abundance, business owners display the effigy in offices, shops, and outlets. Owning a pair and displaying Pi Yao in your new or refurbished abode can give you more good providence. However, refrain from flaunting the icon in kitchens or bathrooms.
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Pi Xiu yearns for the scent of silver and gold. It is inclined to bring money to his master. It ensures at least six kinds of blessing which include:

  • Pave the way for material luck and wealth
  • Produce positive Feng Shui
  • Safeguard human beings and structures
  • Serve as protection versus hardships, complications, adversities, and evil forces
  • Generate an unexpected reward
  • Pacifies Tai Sui
  • Protects travelers against accidents
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This cure can be seen in most Asian countries particularly in places such as casinos, banks, lending companies, stores, and financial firms. Since the olden times, Pi Xiu is described as protector of kingdoms of emperors and residences of government leaders. Chinese people admire and respect this venerated symbol. If your horoscope or zodiac signs clash directly or incidentally with Grand Duke Jupiter, the Pi Xiu can be your very lucky charm. There’s no harm in doing this.

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