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What Feng shui plants are suitable for the office?

Are you wondering what kind of plants are suitable to put in your office? Don’t worry, I have the answer for you. Over the time, more and more people like to have flowers and plants in their office.

However, the office plants are special and need to be placed in a special way. They should be placed at the entrance of the gate, the toilet, and the passageway. The evergreen broad-leaved plants can stop bad energy and accumulate wealth.  Also, don’t put small plants in your office because they are difficult to put at the desk.

Now back to which flowers and plants are best for the office. Let’s go through some tips.

First, the taboo of the office flowers

Don’t put plants that are small and difficult to put on the desk. They may become useless for you due to the difficulty to handle them. Originally the plants were placed to take advantage of their vitality. They can enhance the master’s spirit, help in encountering delicate and difficult things, and take people’s bad luck away.

Second, the orientation of the office flowers

The best places for the placing the flowers are the entrance of the gate, the toilet side, the passageway as far as possible. The evergreen broad-leaved plants, can block the bad energy and  accumulate wealth. Of course, the most intuitive role is to block the bad energy.

Third, the color of the office flowers

Copywriting and editing staff

The red colored flowers are perfect for the mentally motivated staff. Placing it in the east direction will enhance the energy of the staff.

Lawyers, sales, artists

The white and yellow flowers placed in the West can increase the sharpness of people who have the tough job of talking a lot and convincing people. They might need some help.

Investors or flexible income earners

Placing green plants in the south can make the female staff of the office enhance their personal beauty and charm. The saffron has a certain effect on this position.

For the employees of the upper and lower level

The white flowers placed in the north, can release the tension between employees of the upper and lower levels. If it is a female boss, it is best to put bright red flowers. People in sub-health state can try yellow flowers on this side.

To prevent any misunderstandings or fights in the office

The yellow flowers placed in the northeast are good for preventing any misunderstandings, arguments or fights in the office.

The highest leadership of the department

The northwest orientation is the most suitable position for the department heads. The white and yellow flowers are well suited for the heads, which can enhance the leadership prestige and the unity of all employees.

Variety of office flowers

Plants with strong vitality are the most suitable choices. These plants easily pick up the aura of the heavens and the earth.

According to the changing of the four seasons, choose the most vital plants in each season. The plants placed on the desk can give life to your motivation and give you the feeling of moving forward with the passing times. Spring can be inserted into wicker, peach branches, peach blossoms, which is also known as the “office romance”.

In summer, wormwood, lily, and lotus can be placed to poison and ward off evil.

In the winter, the plum blossom branches are best choice. In addition, the orchids, are also a good choice.  These sedges can be placed all year round, and the vegetation is psychic.

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