How do Feng Shui Water Fountains Bring Good Life?

Water fountains have become a main fixture in Feng Shui. These sprouts bring out the potent energy of water, an ancient representation for wealth. The Feng Shui water fountain has the capacity to cure. It comes in various forms and styles such as wall-mounted, table-top, and free-standing.

You can place the fountain inside or outside your residence. Choose the proper location to provide dynamism and balance as well as prevent conflicts. These fountains are usually adorned to make it look nice. Such fixture generates grandeur in living rooms or gardens. It can turn out as focal point of your home décor to entice guests. Everyone will surely love the pleasant sound of flowing water that soothes your exhausted mind.

All living creatures rely on water to live. Stimulating the element of water in your homes through the fountain nurtures Chi energy. The Chinese word, Chi means life force or vivacity. The continuous flow of Chi energy promotes life’s long journey, creates new beginnings, and cultivates abundance.

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Choosing your Fountain

How do you select a Feng Shui water fountain? To begin with, this architectural piece does not have to look Chinese. It comes in a variety of materials including stone, ceramic, metal, wood, concrete, stone, and plastic. Ideally, buy one a high-quality fountain with noiseless motor. Stay away from fountains with sharp corners that can cause accidents or injuries.

Small models need almost one gallon of water daily. Bigger basins require less-frequent refilling. Try putting some stones or crystals inside the basin as a way of reinforcing Sheng Chi or beneficial energy. Or, look for one that emits essential oils into the air. Positive Chi is favorable to one’s physical health as well as emotional wellbeing.

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Location is Important

Bagua or Pa Kua must determine where you position the Feng Shui water fountain. Bagua refers to the energy map of your living space along with interplay of five Feng Shui elements. Experts recommend the north, east, or southeast areas of your abode. The Bagua refer to the eight symbols in Taoist cosmology (study of the universe) embodying the basic tenets of reality.

  • East is the area that pertains to family and health. It indicates home to the Bagua component of wood, sustained by water.
  • North is connected to a person’s path and career in life.
  • Southeast means wealth and money (material abundance). This area also refers to riches in blessings.
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Additional Tips for Positions

Avoid some locations like South Bagua, beneath stairways, and bedrooms. The south calls for powerful fire energy. Bringing the water element to this place produces bad Feng Shui as well as conflicting energy. The bedroom is out of the question. Water elements transport worries and sorrow to the bedroom. In return, it leads to ailments like colds and respiratory issues. Do not install or place the fountain under the stairs. It promotes negative energy leading to misfortunes and health conditions for your kids.