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Helpful Rules and Pointers about Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng Shui advocates say mirrors work effectively as remedies. Some of them refer to it as a powerful aspirin pill. In fact, the correct positioning of Feng Shui mirrors can generate positive energy to certain areas of your domicile. These mirrors symbolize Qi energy. Qi means air and metaphorically “material vigor.” It is the focal point in Chinese conventional medicine and martial arts.

The capacity of this mirror is to attract and boost prosperity. Three major types of this mirror include the following:

  • Standard distinguished by the shape such as spherical, oval, and square as well as frames (steel or wood).
  • Concave in Feng Shui are frequently used outdoors. The fixture produces an upside-down effect and compressed reflection of an image.
  • The convex Feng Shui mirrors have protective attributes and even serve as guardian. However, it cannot be used indoors.

Recommended Places

The dining area is said to be the perfect place for said mirrors. Here’s the logic behind this claim. It is difficult to figure out the “wealth area” of your residence. Nevertheless, you can recognize the “treasure vault” easily.

The dining room symbolizes this treasure chest. This makes the family’s eating place as a good place to set up mirrors. These fixtures augment the dimensions of your vault as well as capability to store but not attract wealth.

Some Feng Shui experts say this fixture should not be installed outside the window if bad configurations lurk outside. The mirror can carry these negative energies in your house. Some of these structures or forms are pipes, electric poles and wires, and other fixtures.

Mirrors to Avoid

The mirror must be tall enough to reflect the tallest individual who uses the object. The looking glass that cuts you off at head can cause you incoherent thoughts or headaches. If it’s too low, you are compelled to stoop down to see your reflection. It is not a healthy posture. Or, mirrors that use plenty of space reduces your self-esteem and create an undesirable body image.

Refrain from face-only models as Feng Shui mirrors. The full head and body must show particularly women’s bust. It must be broad and high enough, so your torso does not appear squeezed. Besides, Feng Shui is associated with peace or understanding and agreement with your surroundings.

Any mirror that faces the stove leads to Yin and Yang Imbalance. Yin-Yang energy helps one become contented, happy, and healthy. If the fire component and Yang energy increase significantly, the balance within your home shifts causing a change in comfort. Moreover, the kitchen produces adverse Feng Shui energies. Take away any mirror inside your home that faces the door of your bathroom. Toilets, baths, and showers cause negative Qi or material energy flow.

Need for Foresight

In anything you do, all it takes is a bit of planning and precaution to attain positive results. The same rule applies to mirrors for Feng Shui purposes. Know the rules. You will surely gain the incentives of improved Chi energy, prosperity, and good fortune.

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