feng shui tips for wealth

Feng shui tips for wealth

Everyone hopes that they will be able to make money in the future, and the wealth will be strong, and the living conditions will get better every day. So, what kind of Feng shui method do you want to recruit for wealth and how Feng shui can help you become rich? Let’s take a look at Feng shui tips for wealth.

Hanging fortune or painting with auspicious meaning

Hanging different paintings on the wall is a very common way of home decoration.  A good painting can enhance the overall beauty of the home, and it can also prove to be lucky for the house. Generally speaking peony paintings, bamboo or cypresses, or golden sunflowers are believed to be lucky for the house and have a very positive reputation in people’s eyes.

They are believed to be a lucky charm for a person.

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Do not place debris in the window or in the ventilation area of a room

Windows and doorways are places where the house or the room is ventilated. If too much debris is placed in the window or doorway, it will affect the circulation of air, resulting in poor gas field and accumulation of dust in the room, which will affect the fortune. The inclusion of this is not good for the wealth of yourself and your family. It is best to pack up the debris in your home, which will make the room clean and make your fortune better.

Dedicated to the God of Wealth

Worshipping the God of Wealth is a very common thing, either you do it at home or at office. After all, God of Wealth is a god who can make money for the family, so the importance of this god has always been very high, since ancient times.  Usually, I will worship God of wealth, and do good deeds making the god happy, which will naturally improve my wealth and fortune, and turn me into a rich man.

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The door is affixed with the meaning of the lucky couplet or blessing

At New Year it is a very common practice that people stick a pair of couplets that they think are very auspicious at their door house, it is believed that it can attract good fortune. Putting a blessing word at the door of your own home has the meaning of fortune, and it is very helpful for your own fortune.

Wear your own mascot

Different mascots have different effects on your life and fortune. Therefore, you must choose your own genus or mascot to enhance your own fortune. The mascot can significantly help you to improve your career, wealth, love and health.

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Put the vase

It is widely believed that placing a vase in the room means a master is wishing to have a peach blossom, but that is not the case. The vase can also be a fortune for the master, but the position must be noted. If you want the vase to be lucky, you should put the vase in the peach blossom position. This will make your fortune increase gradually.

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