What to Wear for Meditation Practice

You will certainly encounter distractions while meditating. An effective way of dealing with possible disruptions is to focus intently. It is equally important to wear comfortable wardrobe during your sessions. Get rid of tight tops and legwarmers. Instead, wear the appropriate meditation clothing that combine facilitate ease and energy. Otherwise, discomfort leads to discomfort that affects your practice.

Meditation Attire

This type of outfit includes a variety of clothes with absorbent (like cotton) and soft fabric. Loose-fitting unisex (harem) pants and jumpsuits are good examples. Consider other factors like size and elasticity as well. There should be a balance – not too loose or too tight. Colors matter a lot. These must be soothing to the eyes like light green and blue or somewhere between lemon yellow and lime. If you plan to join a meditation retreat, ideal meditation clothing includes the baggy trousers, simple tunic for men, and shawl.

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Why Wear these Garments?

The practice requires profound exploration of the mind, spirit, and consciousness. Your attire must complement this task or journey. Avoid something rough, constricted, itchy, and full of loose threads. The uneasiness prevents you from concentrating. Besides, your clothes have an essential purpose for a significant activity.

Traditional gurus and long-time practitioners prefer to be more formal, solemn, and conservative. Many of them opt for extras like meditation cloaks. The robe or cape ensures maximum coverage for certain postures. It also produces a sacred atmosphere suitable for deep reflection.

For example, Zen robes are applicable for individuals who meditate in sanctuaries. Japanese wear the traditional undergarment (Jubon) beneath the kimono as additional layer of clothing. On the other hand, shawls are more common. Laymen and cleric worldwide prefer this wrap.

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Comfortable Wardrobe

Nowadays, some of the best choices to wear meditation clothing during group or individual sessions are the following:

  • Loose-fitting Yoga cotton pants for both men and women – These harem slacks are perfect attire during summer and fall. It comes in various sizes and different colors.
  • Black and white Yoga jumpsuit for women only – It is 100% viscose rayon material with adjustable straps. A single size fits all women.
  • Side Slit Tunic for women – The blouse is a blend of style and prints. This type of female clothing is said to enhance mental breathing. It is made from 95% viscose and 5% spandex (Lycra synthetic fiber).
  • Gayatri Mantra and Om (Hindu Vedic Manuscripts) meditation shawl – This rayon scarf induces serenity and comfort naturally. The shawl’s beauty is described by yogis as multidimensional.
  • Men’s Tunic (Muslin cotton with Chinese collar) – The meditation tunic is ideal for indoor use. It is perfect for relaxing while performing the practice. The linen is thin and needs hand-washing because of the delicate fiber.
  • Buddhist Hooded Cloak – The oversized cloak is meant for men and women with four sizes and six colors.
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Parting Words

Put emphasis on comfort. It proves useful during an hour-long meditation. Space for regular practice is not limited to a quiet space but your mental and physical conditioning along with comfy clothes.

Meditation 101: Practical Pointers for Beginners

What does meditation mean? Some spiritual leaders from various sects define the practice as mind-conditioning. Others refer to meditation as profound state of the human mind. It is an approach to training our mental faculties. This routine does not help us become different persons but better individuals. People meditate to learn fundamental life-transforming abilities. Those who meditate relax as well as promote understanding about our persona and develop potentials. Meditation for beginners is not difficult. It can be learned.

Here are several tips that can help people who have just started practicing meditation.

1. The good time to meditate would be in the morning before breakfast. Spend between 20 and 30 minutes for this ritual. At first, it seems overwhelming, but you can get over this feeling after several sessions. Focus on what you do. Otherwise, lack of attention prevents you to meditate effectively.

2. Breathe unhurriedly and deeply. Close your eyes. Inhale with the nose and exhale from the mouth. Don’t force it. Let breathing come out naturally. The initial intake of air will likely be shallow. As you breathe more, the ingestion becomes unfathomable and fuller. It doesn’t matter if the process takes longer.

3. This advice is important with regards to meditation for beginners. Find a conducive place and environment. The room must be quiet and without clutter. Sit down (cross-legged if possible) on a cushion. Lighten up and put both hands on your lap. You may also sit on a chair provided your feet rest on the floor. Don’t assume a lotus position unless you feel comfortable. Retain your back’s natural curve. Avoid slouching. Individuals with spinal column conditions can try other positions.

4. Don’t feel bothered about how to clear the mind. Meditation’s goal is not about emptying your mind of thoughts. It normally occurs. The brain functions like a machine. Humans can’t just turn them off. Instead, concentrate when the mind begins to drift away.

5. Be attentive. Breathing profoundly makes one feel calm. The person turns out more relaxed. After this, focus on inhaling and exhaling if you want. Bring the breathing back gently once you get lost. This condition usually happens several times. Avoid feeling frustrated. You will find it less difficult to concentrate as you acquire more concentration.

6. Stick to one technique at least for one month. You’ll not find it easy to discover the perfect method by changing your style daily. Once it works, explore a new procedure.

7. Remain patient. Refrain from putting undue pressure on yourself. If possible opt for guided meditation with the assistance of teachers. These experts help students through the process. Just follow their instructions with adherence to each detail. Or, find a meditation companion so you can share experiences, insights, and techniques with each other.

By going through these simple suggestions in meditation for beginners, you will get an idea of how meditation helps a person. By then, you will feel happy, revived, and accomplished naturally.

Practicing Meditation with Crystals Effectively

Sages say meditation crystals function as potent tools to heighten one’s reflection. Choose one with healing attributes or energies. These properties must be in line with the person’s objectives in meditating. Formulation of intentions and meditating with crystals every morning produces positive outcomes. You become more motivated to restore your energy and achieve targets.

Rest the crystals or stones on your body. The process lets the healing properties stimulate covered parts. This is like making a crystal layout to enhance meditation and chakra healing. Chakra refers to the core of spiritual power in the human body. Determine the center that requires immediate cure. Try to meditate using crystal grids after figuring out the chakra.

Examples of Crystals

You can choose from several meditation crystals. Some of the best ones are the following:

Quartz – You can program this crystal with contemplative intentions. It helps clear the mind making a person more focused. Quartz can boost other stones’ energies making them suitable for reflection.

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Amethyst with Okenite – The unique combination channels higher levels of awareness.

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Selenite – The crystal calms the body. At the same time, Selenite’s curative properties release the negative energy as well as obstacles in cleansing the body. You can practice meditation without over-stimulation of the chakra.

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Apophyllite – This crystal facilitates the linkage between spiritual and physical domains. It maintains a powerful connection with your body during out of the body journeys. Apophyllite promotes vibrant spiritual vision and boosts intuition.

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Azurite – This remarkable stone stimulates the person’s third eye. Azurite cleans and energizes the mind. It generates a meditative state if combined with Malachite as combination crystal.

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Tabular Quartz – This type of Quartz stands out as the best communication tool with other realms. The energy flows freely to activate other crystals. Tabular Quartz also enhances telepathy or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

Cathedral Quartz – This Quartz contains the wisdom of everything that takes place on earth. As a “Light Library”, it adjusts to the universal mind helping with evolution of consciousness.

Prehnite – The crystal produces profound meditation. Through Prehnite, you can contact the higher self. It induces peace as well as safety and alleviates apprehensions.

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Lepidolite – Lepidolite dispels the negative attitude. It triggers and opens your third eye, heart, throat, and crown chakras. The stone also clears hindrances and leads to cosmic consciousness.

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Danburite – it motivates higher awareness that connects to the heavenly realms. Danburite is very spiritual with pure vibrations. The stone augments clear dreaming and illuminates your aura to cause profound change.

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Start the Practice

You can now prepare for the ritual once you have selected your meditation crystals. Bear in mind there is no proper or improper crystal. Each one has a novel way of meditating. The best approach in utilizing crystals would be to hold the stones in your hands or place them on the body while performing the practice. Look for a quiet area where you can feel undisturbed to commence your meditation.

Guided Meditation with Meditation CDs

Meditation refers to the methodology of acquainting the mind with righteousness. The more accustomed your minds are with virtue, the calmer and more undisturbed they turn out to be. The peaceful mind becomes free from apprehensions and mental distress. In short, you experience genuine happiness.

You can learn this practice fast through guided meditation techniques. All you need are to follow simple instructions, a qualified guru, and an affordable guided meditation CD.

How it Works?

How does the concept of guided meditation work effectively? You need at least 25 minutes of focus in a quiet room. Try to follow these basic steps. And, don’t forget your guidance meditation CD.

  • Loosen up physically. It helps in relaxing muscle tension and producing serenity.
  • Assume a comfortable position while seated or lying down.
  • Your mentor will surely lead you through the process of becoming present with your thoughts, body, and surroundings. Achieving this state of mind produces serenity and desired relaxation.
  • Now, experience the deep state easily to reduce stress, sleep well, and experience less mental clutter.

The teacher provides the direction, so your mental faculty and body respond well. Consult the expert. Gurus are the best persons to support you and answer and queries regarding meditation. This practice helps practitioners to transform negative to positive thoughts. Overcoming disturbed minds as well as nurturing productive thoughts constitute the purpose of reflections you can find in the Buddhist or Hindu tradition. You can relish this deep practice all day long and not only while meditating.

meditation cd
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Benefits of Using these CDs

You can easily purchase the guided meditation CD along with courses. With this tool, practitioners can look forward to experiencing clarity of thoughts, making informed decisions, coping with anxiety, and finding it better to deal with personal issues. These CDs are ideal for both beginners and those who have been meditating for many years. It provides the apprentice with comforting sounds that create a tranquil atmosphere.

You will learn and feel what’s it like to relax mentally. The subliminal music penetrates your subconscious state allowing you to focus more intensely. While contemplating, you can hear soft as well as pleasant voices in the background. Use the CD for different kinds of meditation. The comforting music will guide you in meditating effectively. It generates helpful visualization as well as establish positive ideas. Sooner or later, you can meditate without the assistance of any mentor.

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Parting Advice

Given the frenzied and often chaotic pace together with the demands of daily, you have the tendency to feel apprehensive and overworked. You feel like lacking the time to accomplish worthy things. This condition makes you feel upset and impatient. Ultimately, your health and emotions are adversely affected. It’s not a reason to say you have no time to meditate. 30, 20 , or even just 10 minutes in the morning will be enough to start your day right. Meditation helps the person overcome pressures as well as find profound peace and equilibrium.


To feel pain is to be as human as possible. The time is taken to embrace the pain and determine how to overcome it is what makes the person who he is. Meditation is one of those unique techniques that require the person to take hold of their inner soul and learn to replenish the burning demons inside. It is a peaceful method of approach; a self-battle with the anxiety and stress building up within the mind of an individual.

Meditation has proven to be beneficial for the stressed mind by researchers and scientists. There are patterns of how a certain mind works, that is why every human is different. People who have inevitable thoughts crawling their minds often find meditation useful.

A Solution for Calm Meditation

Meditation can prove to be hard to bear once you start experimenting yourself with it. The prospect of sitting for hours on a cushioned mat with no back support, on the floor till your feet get numb and you start feeling the pain in your joints in hopes of eradicating a different pain form your mind can come to be difficult.

That brings us to the meditation chair. These chairs were brought to our discovery through the research that meditation is useful, to bring further comfort and peace to the people who mediate so that while battling with the inner demons, one must remain focused on the depressed thoughts they need to inhibit rather than the growing pain on their limbs/back. This was the main reason behind the idea of these chairs.


Are you having trouble finding the best way to meditate on these chairs because of the variety they are present in the market? What should you look for in a mediation chair? We are here to help you limit the distraction that could occur when you need all the concentration you can stifle while you meditate.

The type of chair you require depends on the position that suits you best while you meditate. If there are longer sessions that help you find that state of peacefulness, then the use of chairs having a back support are recommended.

The fundamentally vital position of the body is to lay your feet flat down on the floor or any kind of support available such that your hips are slightly raised above the feet and your spine can be elongated in a way that you can push your head backward.

Yoga posture:

Meditation chair is tended in accordance to the need of an individual. People who have difficulty with placemats should consider taking a cushion of various sizes to support their weight. Others might find the cross-legged position hard to embrace, they can kneel around a cushion shaped according to their need.

But the use of a chair is for those who need to relax their back during the long hours spent in the meditating sessions. Even on chairs, people can place cushions to retain the pressure of the hard surface or to elongate one’s posture as they focus on finding peace. Hence finding a comfortable companion while the session prolongs requires that you find the position and posture that can be termed the best for your meditating sessions.

Cushion Filling:

The chair that you buy should have a comfortable exterior for your sore limbs to survive through the long, resourceful sessions which could otherwise be proven painful. The cushion of the chair must have a decent stuffing of the material inside.


There are various choices for what could be inside the cushion; wool is termed to be a lightweight bearing support that is beneficial for people feeling discomfort on hard exteriors. These kind of exteriors are more comfortable and exhibit better blood flow in the body. Secondly, there are rather tough exteriors which shape according to the body’s sitting position. These come in handy during elongated sessions.


A meditation chair needs to have a sturdy back support. It should hold a strong, decent back which can carry your spine in the position that suits you best while you meditate. The height of the chair should be according to the height of the individual practicing. One must be able to elongate their spine in an erect position all the while having the space to tilt their head backward. The erectness of the spine promotes better blood flow in the body.


The weight of the body determines the weight of the chair holding your meditation sessions. For you to remain comfortable in the chair, you should find yourself a chair that is able to bear your weight yet is the right size for your yoga posture because what you need in a chair is to help you meditate consistently and effectively so that the practice comes easier eventually and that can happen with the use of a good weight bearing chair.

Pressure Bearing:

For a meditation chair to be durable and strong throughout the meditation sessions is of vital importance because the wreckage of the chair that you potentially might have to deal with should be the last thing to trouble you when you already have a list of worries to limit yourself from. A good chair should not only be able to bear the pressure of your weight but should also release the tension pressing on your body from all the stress stored as the result of depression and anxiety.

The chair that you should be buying must relieve the discomfort that presents itself on your limbs, joints, back and in general, the whole body when you sit for long hours in a single posture. It should release that growing pain and align your spine for better flow of blood as a result of back aligning support.


There are people who travel a lot or do not stay in one place for long periods of time. These people, who work a lot, need a portable companion to help them release the pent-up stress and built up tension in their minds. A meditation chair, for these people, needs to light-weight and portable so that it can be carried around from one place to another.


These preferable chairs for travelers can also provide the handiness of trying out different positions due to the acquired variance in their size and shape. This adjustable feature could be proved beneficial if there are more than one people encompassing the act to meditate on a single chair.


For the sessions to be as long as you wish them to be and the fact that the sessions further motivate you to embrace the idea of meditation rather than abandon it, you require a comfortable meditation chair. The material invested in the chair should be able to withhold your meditation mantra for long hours and refrain from offering you any discomfort. It should be eco-friendly so that your practice of gaining peace does not produce stressful outcomes for other people.

The design should be capable of offering space for the body to fit in reliably in a relaxed position to gain as much comfort as necessary to gather the concentration and peace required for the repetition of a mantra or the letting the body relax while you meditate.

It is suggested that you meditate on a comfortable as long as it helps your body find the inner peace.