Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Hotel

Hotels are the most popular type of accommodation for people travelling for business or pleasure. As your home away from home, hotels are important to ensure that business travellers and tourists attain a good rest after a tiring day so that they can have the energy and freshness they need for the next day’s endeavors and activities.  However, a hotel that has not been properly referenced by feng shui can have adverse effects to its guests and more importantly to the managing staff providing customer service and other services to its patrons. It can result to various kinds of troubles to management and its owners such as financial losses, management difficulties or even insolvency. Thus, a hotel’s feng shui must be taken seriously.  Following are the taboos that can cause bad feng shui in a hotel.

Floor height should not be too low

Every floor in the hotel should follow a certain standard that should not be too low.  This is especially on the lobby and living room which essentially reflect the style, atmosphere and service standards of the hotel. Hotels whose floors are too low create a feeling of oppression to guests.  This impression of squashing because of the low ceilings can potentially result to unease, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety to people especially staff in the long term.  Because of the weariness and stupor that the hotel’s feng shui causes, management may be forced to lower their rates just to attract customers, which is apparently not favorable.

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Stairs should not be placed right in front of the hotel entrance

While elevators provide us a convenient means to go and down the floors of a building, the installation of stairs usually adjacent to the stairs is essential in case of emergencies and in case of elevator malfunction.  Aside from the service stairs, lobby stairs are also usually included in the design of the hotel as part of its design.  In both instances, the stairs should not be placed right in front of the entrance door of the hotel. The entrance door basically serves as the mouth of any edifice, thus, the entrance should be clear of any impediments so to speak to allow the free flow of positive energy into the building.  Stairs facing the hotel door is believed to cause the hotel to lose money instead.  Thus, it could potentially result to bankruptcy

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Do not place spiky or thorny plants

While putting plants inside the hotel helps to keep the ambiance fresh as plants breathe out fresh air and add a green touch to the environment, using spikey or thorny plants such as cactus can instead have a negative impact on guests. In particular, the sharp prickly thorns of the plant can negatively affect the mood of people. All pointed objects tend to cause uneasiness to people much like having a knife pointed straight at you. Thus, thorny plants can potentially incite regular disputes and disagreements between guests and hotel attendants. Customer service is at the heart of any hotel.  Hence, any issue that could potentially harm customer services of the hotel such as the ambiance because of bad hotel feng shui should be avoided.

Feng Shui Tips on your House Location

Buying a house is a dream come true for a lot of people.  Considering the cost of investment and its impact on one’s life, one really needs to be meticulous in making a house purchase. Although one’s budget plays a big role in choosing your house, focusing on the financial impact as well as the financial incentives that a seller offers should not be the primary concern in selecting your house.  You should equally pay attention to the Feng Shui of the house which among others is designed to attract wealth, enhance quality of life and create harmony among the people living in the house, among others.  Here are some Feng Shui house tips that you should take into consideration, which cannot be compensated by a mere discount.

There should be no main roads and bridges near the house

If you are planning to buy a house, you should make it a point that your house or apartment should be far from a bridge.  This is especially true when you are buying a house in a big city where overpasses are ubiquitous and transportation roads and bridges are countless. Both passers-by and travelling vehicles create blaring noise and spiral airflow that greatly impairs the symphonic energy flow of feng shui, which can in turn impact your physical and mental health. People living noisy places for the longest time may have been used to the commotion but are most like to suffer from neurasthenia, gastrointestinal tract and other diseases. Moreover, the traffic cause by vehicles and people coming and going in different directions further disrupts feng shui energy.  In the same token, the mess and chaos of traffic can pose a negative impact on your fortune and health as energies are jumbled, tumultuous and disorganized.  This type of places is generally suitable as a commercial place for business but not as an ideal choice for home living.

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There should be no TV tower near the house

While practically all of us have some electrical appliances at home, the electrical radiation emitted by these appliances has minimal effect on the human body. With its proper use and proper application of Feng shui techniques on where to correctly situate said devices in the house, the nominal radiation of these appliances can be further mitigated if not eradicated. However, having a large source of electrical radiation near your home, such as a TV tower adjacent to your house, is a totally different story and can pose huge hidden danger. The electromagnetic waves of a TV tower are very powerful and can potentially damage your natural immune system, which can make you susceptible to sickness and other diseases.  In general, a house that is relatively safe must be at least 300 meters away from TV Tower.

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There should be sufficient ventilation but no strong winds around the house.

In Feng Shui, it is necessary maintain a certain atmosphere in order to keep and preserve luck within the house. Else, if the wind or ventilation around the house is too strong, it is easily to blow away good luck. However, a completely windless house with no circulating air is harmful.  The lack of ventilation can in turn cause staleness and fails to aerate that atmosphere with new fresh air.