Practicing Meditation with Crystals Effectively

Sages say meditation crystals function as potent tools to heighten one’s reflection. Choose one with healing attributes or energies. These properties must be in line with the person’s objectives in meditating. Formulation of intentions and meditating with crystals every morning produces positive outcomes. You become more motivated to restore your energy and achieve targets.

Rest the crystals or stones on your body. The process lets the healing properties stimulate covered parts. This is like making a crystal layout to enhance meditation and chakra healing. Chakra refers to the core of spiritual power in the human body. Determine the center that requires immediate cure. Try to meditate using crystal grids after figuring out the chakra.

Examples of Crystals

You can choose from several meditation crystals. Some of the best ones are the following:

Quartz – You can program this crystal with contemplative intentions. It helps clear the mind making a person more focused. Quartz can boost other stones’ energies making them suitable for reflection.

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Amethyst with Okenite – The unique combination channels higher levels of awareness.

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Selenite – The crystal calms the body. At the same time, Selenite’s curative properties release the negative energy as well as obstacles in cleansing the body. You can practice meditation without over-stimulation of the chakra.

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Apophyllite – This crystal facilitates the linkage between spiritual and physical domains. It maintains a powerful connection with your body during out of the body journeys. Apophyllite promotes vibrant spiritual vision and boosts intuition.

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Azurite – This remarkable stone stimulates the person’s third eye. Azurite cleans and energizes the mind. It generates a meditative state if combined with Malachite as combination crystal.

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Tabular Quartz – This type of Quartz stands out as the best communication tool with other realms. The energy flows freely to activate other crystals. Tabular Quartz also enhances telepathy or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

Cathedral Quartz – This Quartz contains the wisdom of everything that takes place on earth. As a “Light Library”, it adjusts to the universal mind helping with evolution of consciousness.

Prehnite – The crystal produces profound meditation. Through Prehnite, you can contact the higher self. It induces peace as well as safety and alleviates apprehensions.

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Lepidolite – Lepidolite dispels the negative attitude. It triggers and opens your third eye, heart, throat, and crown chakras. The stone also clears hindrances and leads to cosmic consciousness.

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Danburite – it motivates higher awareness that connects to the heavenly realms. Danburite is very spiritual with pure vibrations. The stone augments clear dreaming and illuminates your aura to cause profound change.

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Start the Practice

You can now prepare for the ritual once you have selected your meditation crystals. Bear in mind there is no proper or improper crystal. Each one has a novel way of meditating. The best approach in utilizing crystals would be to hold the stones in your hands or place them on the body while performing the practice. Look for a quiet area where you can feel undisturbed to commence your meditation.

Guided Meditation with Meditation CDs

Meditation refers to the methodology of acquainting the mind with righteousness. The more accustomed your minds are with virtue, the calmer and more undisturbed they turn out to be. The peaceful mind becomes free from apprehensions and mental distress. In short, you experience genuine happiness.

You can learn this practice fast through guided meditation techniques. All you need are to follow simple instructions, a qualified guru, and an affordable guided meditation CD.

How it Works?

How does the concept of guided meditation work effectively? You need at least 25 minutes of focus in a quiet room. Try to follow these basic steps. And, don’t forget your guidance meditation CD.

  • Loosen up physically. It helps in relaxing muscle tension and producing serenity.
  • Assume a comfortable position while seated or lying down.
  • Your mentor will surely lead you through the process of becoming present with your thoughts, body, and surroundings. Achieving this state of mind produces serenity and desired relaxation.
  • Now, experience the deep state easily to reduce stress, sleep well, and experience less mental clutter.

The teacher provides the direction, so your mental faculty and body respond well. Consult the expert. Gurus are the best persons to support you and answer and queries regarding meditation. This practice helps practitioners to transform negative to positive thoughts. Overcoming disturbed minds as well as nurturing productive thoughts constitute the purpose of reflections you can find in the Buddhist or Hindu tradition. You can relish this deep practice all day long and not only while meditating.

meditation cd
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Benefits of Using these CDs

You can easily purchase the guided meditation CD along with courses. With this tool, practitioners can look forward to experiencing clarity of thoughts, making informed decisions, coping with anxiety, and finding it better to deal with personal issues. These CDs are ideal for both beginners and those who have been meditating for many years. It provides the apprentice with comforting sounds that create a tranquil atmosphere.

You will learn and feel what’s it like to relax mentally. The subliminal music penetrates your subconscious state allowing you to focus more intensely. While contemplating, you can hear soft as well as pleasant voices in the background. Use the CD for different kinds of meditation. The comforting music will guide you in meditating effectively. It generates helpful visualization as well as establish positive ideas. Sooner or later, you can meditate without the assistance of any mentor.

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Parting Advice

Given the frenzied and often chaotic pace together with the demands of daily, you have the tendency to feel apprehensive and overworked. You feel like lacking the time to accomplish worthy things. This condition makes you feel upset and impatient. Ultimately, your health and emotions are adversely affected. It’s not a reason to say you have no time to meditate. 30, 20 , or even just 10 minutes in the morning will be enough to start your day right. Meditation helps the person overcome pressures as well as find profound peace and equilibrium.

Feng Shui Tips for Office

A good office feng shui does not merely focus on growing the business of a company but it must also lean towards increasing the earnings of its owner or boss. The objective of office Feng Shui is to enhance the wealth and fortune of the boss or owner. Following are ways to attain a good office feng shui in order to improve the wealth and fortune of the boss or owner.

1. The office of the boss should be in a commanding position.

In order to achieve a commanding position, the building in front of the boss’s office should be farther and lower while the buildings behind his office should be higher. In this manner, the office is provided a complete view of its front.  Otherwise, a taller building in front tends to cover and shroud the office. The building on the right should also be relatively lower than the boss’s office while the wide main road should on its left.  A park or garden lawn in front of boss’s office is also ideal for good feng shui.

2. The office building should be located away from places emitting negative energy.

The spaces surrounding the office building also directly affects the people in the building. Thus, the office building should not be adjacent in places like temples or ritual grounds, prison/ jail, cemeteries/ haunted houses, hospitals or even police stations whose unwarranted negative energy can impact the fortune of the office.

3. The boss’s office should have sufficient lighting.

The office of the boss acts as the central financial locus of a company. Hence, it should naturally have adequate lighting. An excessively brilliant light on the other hand is likewise not very suitable. Glass windows on both sides of the boss’s office can generate very strong lighting and transparency, which can weaken the internal energy of the office. However, inadequate lighting obtained from the sun can ensue to the accumulation and trapping of negative energy which produces enormous pressure that also impede and hamper fortune creation.

4. The design of the boss’s office should reflect the respectable temperament and decent demeanor of the boss.

Aside from the office structure, the design and layout of the furniture and other decorations of the office is an integral part and reflection of the boss’s position and personality. The office should show the prestige and stature of the owner. The choice of sofas, paintings, and decorations should provide guests and visitors a glimpse of the notable esteem and distinct status of the boss.

5. The desk of the boss should also be in an authoritative position.

The table of boss should not be facing the door else business transactions or dealings will cumbersomely or incompetently. Moreover, the desk should be away from the window to avoid strong lightning which could cause burden, pressure and stress.  Instead, the desk should be strategically placed in an area with relatively weaker lighting than the rest of the office room. This provides the boss with better perceptibility and discernibility of his surroundings.

6. The location of the boss’s office must be away from external pressures.

When a thoroughfare boulevard or red light district is in front of the office building, poles, transformers, large chimneys, built corners and the like can create external pressures that produce stress on the office door which can unsettle people coming in and out of the office.  Thus, the location of the office should avoid this sense of rush or haste that causes imbalance.

Feng shui considerations in the boss’s office

1. Door

The office of the boss should have a door for privacy and security.  Moreover, the door should preferably be opened in the left front in ward because people conventionally walk in their right. In this way, when people open doors and walk in, they bring their luck and positive energy along with them.

2. Separation of Office and High-level floor

The office of the boss and other business executives are preferably located on the upper floors.  Moreover, the office of the chairman and the manager should have separate rooms.  This is important to avoid conflict and competition in power, which can impede or interfere with coordination and harmonization.

Moreover, it doesn’t follow that a bigger the room, the more stylish you are. Instead, the boss’s office should not be too large which may create an impression of being alone or distant. A relatively small office for the boss is ideal to allow better accessibility, availability and openness to his subordinates. Any form of business entails cooperation and teamwork.

3.  Boss’s office or desk at the back

The position of the boss’s office is important. It is the key to the success or failure of the company. In principle, it follows the position of the officer in command of a military, who stays behind his army and make the strategic directions in dispatching his soldiers. This position allows him to achieve better control of his staff, who in turn becomes more dedicated and devoted to their work. In a similar fashion, the boss office should be at the back end of the company in order to create an escalating arrangement or step ladder organization inside the office.    Otherwise, if the boss is near the entrance door, he is likened as a soldier or pawn which possesses a superfluous position and is easily expendable.

4. The boss’s desk bigger than staff desk

Traditionally, the chairman’s desk is always bigger than the staff.  This is correct in Feng shui, because the bigger desk symbolizes bigger responsibility and authoritative command. If the desk is not large enough, one option is add some cabinets next to it to increase the space in order to accommodate greater force or energy. In this way, the boss can successfully command staff.

Following are Feng Shui artifacts available in the market that can increase the boss’s fortune and enhance the company’s wealth. These feng shui artifacts must be properly positioned or arranged in of the office.

1. Three-legged Money Frog

The belief of the three-legged money frog or money toad as a mythical creature that attracts abundance is derived from an old Chinese folktale where the wife of one of the eight immortals drank the elixir of immortal life that turned her into a frog.  Moreover, frogs are also associated with water, which is symbolic of wealth. The three-legged money frog must be placed on the right side of the boss’s desk. The coin in the toad’s mouth serves as an offering. But in feng shui, it is deemed to spit money to its owner.

2. Feng Shui Dragon turtle

The Feng shui turtle with a dragon’s head or simply called the Dragon Turtle often standing on a base of coins and gold nuggets. It basically combines the symbolisms for a dragon and turtle; the former linked with valor, positivity and good luck while the latter to firmness, longevity, safety and even wisdom.  The Dragon turtle must be placed in a coffee table in the office ideally facing the designated seat of the boss. They are meant to attract fortune and wealth, cure disease, advance one’s profession or career and neutralize the negative energy.

3. Feng shui Crystal ball

The common feng shui crystal balls in feng shui can be made of rose or clear quartz or citrine. In general, they help produce a congruent and calming energy to any place by absorbing negative energy, which is important in making business dealing and transactions.  Feng shui Crystal ball must be placed on the left side of the desk in order to attract prosperity and progress.  Incidentally, the golden yellow glow of a citrine crystal can further create the tinge of money color in the desk.

4. Fortune tree or money plant

The feng shui Fortune tree or money plant is believed to attract money wealth, and prosperity.  A real plant or artificial plant may be used.  In case of the former, the Pachira Aquatica and Cresol Ovate/ Jade plant is used as money tree.  The pachira plant parenthetically comprises the five elements and is thus an archetype of harmony and balance. For the latter, artificial trees made with jade leaves are used. Coins are often placed under the tree or other metal objects that resembles coins.  The money tree can both be placed in the office or in your home apparently because some people also do business at home.  In the office however, the fortune tree must be placed in the financial position of the boss, which varies depending on the location of the office. For instance, an office in the north-south has north as financial position.

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Appropriate Feng shui ways and taboos in feeding fish

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Water is perceived in Feng Shui in two different ways, namely: still water and running water.  Like lake, still water symbolizes lucidity and contemplation, which are important elements in our quest for truth. Running or moving water on other hand like river signifies social and business activities. In particular, moving water symbolizes a calm, steady and abundant stream of money or cash flow. Meanwhile, the fish symbolizes the richness of life. Hence, raising koi fish in a fish tank is a modestly scenic yet operative way of attracting a steady flow of money and attaining an abundant life. However, having an aquarium or an artificial fish pond does not always translate to good feng shui.  Feng shui prescribes specific locations where to put your fish tank to maximize your potential success and also proscribes certain habits in fish farming.  Here is a guide for people interested in using the power of feng shui fish to attain financial success.

Put fish tank in the proper financial position

In Feng shui, setting up our water tank to raise fishes symbolically means aspiring to promote wealth because our use of water is for our steady cash flow that will essentially nurture our wealth, represented by the fish.  Because of this, we should likewise place the fish tank in the position of the gods of Wealth in the house, which is the ideal financial position. Also known as three immortals or the three wise men, the feng shui gods of wealth are Fuk Luk Sau, which symbolize long life, fame and fortune. So where exactly is the position of the gods of Wealth?

According to Feng Shui tradition, the gods of wealth is positioned diagonally at the opposite corner of main entrance of a living room.  This position provides the gods a vantage point to the living room.  In the same token, Feng shui recommends to place the fish tank in this position.

Moreover, it is also important in Feng shui to consistently balance its five basic elements namely:

water, wood, fire, metal and earth in order to bring harmony in life. Under this set up, it is therefore important put the element of wood next to the fish tank.  This can be represented by the wood icon or a green plant.  The idea is for water to nourish wood to reinforce and strengthen its power. This is referred as the “Wu Da Wang Cai”, which is the most effective way to attract money in Feng shui.

Another basic principle of feng shui prescribes you to live with your back to a mountain. The Qi produced by mountains is collected by water. To apply this principle, the fish tank must be placed in the direction where we face the water. In a home or an office setting, the fish tank should be visible to you when you sit in your sofa or chair.

Placed near the gate

The gate is the entry point of your house.  It also acts as the doorway for ventilation or the fresh air that comes in the whole house. Following the first principle of the Feng Shui of Yangzhai (house of the living), you need to go through the “water” in entering a residential edifice.  Thus, one commonly used architectural layouts in Feng Shui is placing water at the door of the house to symbolize how financial resources are collected in the front and are constantly flowing into the house. As such, fish tanks or artificial fish ponds are placed adjoining the residential gates to represent that water that symbolizes the flow of good finance into the house.

Fish farming orientation taboos to be avoided

Here are Fish farming orientations that is forbidden in Feng Shui:

  • Zheng Dongfang: the fortune of Wang’s son;
  • Southeast: The wealth of Wang’s daughter;
  • Zhengnan: The fortune of the fortune in the early period of the fortune but the late decline;
  • West South: Wang hostess fortune;
  • Positive West: Unfavorable marital relationships;
  • North West: unfavorable male host fortune;
  • Right north: avoiding bankruptcy;
  • Northeast: Children are healthy and smart

Recommended Fish color and number

If you plan of raising fish for accumulating wealth, the ideal fish recommended in feng shui is a fish that is colored black. Common fishes that used included the Arrowana fish  and black-colored goldfish (black moor). A black fish is essential because it functions to absorb negative energy in the home. It therefore acts as a family protection. Moreover, the number of fishes may also differ depending on the zodiac sign of the owner. The table below shows the suitable number of fishes based on a person’s zodiac.


Zodiac Sign of Owner Suitable number ending in Examples
rats and pigs 1, 6 6 or 11 fishes
tigers and rabbits 3, 8 3, 8 or 13 fishes
snakes and horses 2, 7 7 or 12 fishes
monkeys and chickens 4, 9 9 or 14 fishes

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Moreover, the appropriate number of pets to raise like cattle, sheep, and dogs is a number that ends in 5, 0 such as 10 and 15.

Other Prohibitions

1. Do not put the fish tank in a position behind you in such a way where you are not facing the water.  This position represents that you are shunning away or eluding from where the flow of the money is coming.  Placing the fish tank in a back position is bad feng shui and can cause misfortune. This could potentially trigger the family business and wealth to deteriorate or one of the family members to suffer from a serious illness or malady.

2. A sick or dead fish must be dealt with in a timely manner.  A sick fish must naturally be treated.  However, when a fish dies, it does not necessarily mean an upcoming bad luck is going to happen.  For one, fishes have a life span and they die eventually.  In Feng shui however, the death of a fish or a pet for that matter is perceived as a sacrifice.  They die because they absorb the bad luck that might have happened to their owners instead. In any case, dead fishes should be removed and replaced if possible as substitute to your protector.

3.  Even if you placed the fish tank in the correct financial position of the house, you must also pay attention to its actual arrangement. It should not be angled sharply nor should it be placed near appliances.  Sharp angles in Feng Shui are generally considered poison arrows which emit negative energy that opposes good energy flow.  Thus when the sharp angle of your fish tank points toward your main door, its negative vides will go up against the flow of money. Meanwhile, placing your fish tank away from appliances serves two purposes.  First, it is apparently dangerous because water is near electricity.  Secondly, the electromagnetic radiation source provides negative energy that contradicts the positive energy that the fish tank is supposed to attract.

4. Do not put fish tank inside the kitchen or toilet.  Water in the aquarium is used to raise the fish. However, the presence of water in kitchen and toil will break its purpose thereby breaking the flow of money as well.  Moreover, placing aquarium in the kitchen can also cause food related diseases. Placing the aquarium in toilet on the other hand is like flushing the money that flows in the house.

5.  Make sure to keep your fish tanks clean. This also means no broken glasses or parts in the fish tank.  A filthy fish tank with muddy and stinking water is bad feng shui and can bring bad luck instead. The water is meant to raise the fish or richness. Making it polluted or contaminated similarly affects your wealth.  This means you are squandering or killing your finances instead of nurturing or cultivating it.  This may translate to lavish spending or wasting money.

6. Do not put fish tank in your bedroom. In practical terms, the fish tank can disrupt your sleep because of the noise of pumps that filters water in the fish tank.  In terms of feng shui however, the running water in the fish tank is an energy activator, which is not ideal a supposedly restful ad relaxing place like the bedroom.

7. Never place the fish tank at the center of the house because this is bad luck.  Aside from the fact that fish tanks can get in the way for people passing by, this position can also cause illness to the bread winner in the family. Moreover, placing the fish tank at the center of the house may symbolize that the family’s life revolves around money, which is not the main ingredient to foster happy and harmonious relationships.


What is the role of Feng Shui Crystal?

Crystals have been traditionally used as decorative articles since immemorial. In Feng Shui, however crystals are more than just ornaments, they are believed to possess healing powers and can attract positive energy and vigor. Feng shui uses various types of crystal stones for a variety of reasons. Although some crystals serve as magnetic to absorb negative energy, others draw fortune, success, financial strength, wellness, and even love. Let us see the effects and functions of feng shui crystals?

1. Crystals can stamp out torpor and increase wealth.  Also known as the healing stone, the amethyst is believed to possess supernatural potency that can help prevent adversity while simultaneously luring wealth. It is ideally placed at the center of the houses to activate the formation of harmony and accord among the family as it helps in generating intimacy, understanding and sturdy bonds among members of the household.

2. Crystals can help increase wisdom and nurture serene or composed disposition. To enhance brainpower and improve intuition, the Amethyst stone should be a bed or a learner’s study desk. With the crystal’s natural healing powers, it helps relieve the pressure in the eyes caused by reading. Generally, the crystal is used to enhance fortune when it comes to studying. This also applies for professionals with competitive careers that entail constant study and analysis such as architects, lawyers and writers.

3.  In our modern world characterized as a rat race, where people are in a constant and endless rush in a pointless pursuit for something, the predilection to commit mistakes and inclination to meet accidents becomes higher.  In order to resolve this, a crystal ball may be placed at the doorway, the corner, the trunk, or the telephone pole, in order to prevent the sense of urgency or haste that causes stress and apprehension to people that could otherwise obstruct our concentration and focus in our endeavors.

4. Crystals can counteract the heavy load of negative energy brought by beams in the house. The house beam carries the weight of the roof that creates a sense of encumbrance that presses the people inside a house.  Placing white crystal clusters or larger crystal columns under the beam can help dissipate that concentrated negative energy that pummels to the family.

5. Crystals can help achieve robust financial process for growth and stability.  For people looking for affluence and prosperity, placing crystals in the business place, office or your home can be helpful for balancing energy and attracting wealth. More specifically, an array of seven citrine crystals is an effective way to attract fortune.  The golden yellow radiance of citrine stimulates, unlocks, and boosts the astral plexus that is believed to attract unexpected wealth, which is perfect for business.  Meanwhile, the array of seven green phantom crystals is ideal for professionals like doctors and lawyers as it help engender success and wealth in one’s career.

6. Crystals help defend against evil spirits and beget prosperity.  Evil spirits can bring misfortune. And there are different types of feng shui crystals to use to fend off different types of evil.   To thwart evil that obstructs the entry of fortune, you can place a white crystal cluster inside the home or office particularly in the place where money is kept. A fluorite crystal can protect you from black magic including curses, ill wishes and psychic attacks. A blue kyanite crystal helps shield you from people disturbing your mind including trying to bully, manipulate or lie to you. A jet crystal helps you cleanse negative energy you absorb from people who are depressed and sad.

7. Crystals can help offset and reduce radiation from appliances.  Electrical appliances such as television, computer, refrigerator and microwave among others produce toxic electromagnetic fields that are harmful to our bodies. EMF pollution is considered a major silent killer that deteriorates our immune system and cause stress to people without knowing it. Placing white crystal clusters next to these appliances can help diminish radiation.

8. Crystals can be used to resolve suffocation.  Hanging a crystal ball on the toilet door can help sense of suffocation that we usually experience in toilet.  Crystal balls help in dispersing bad energy and attracting brightness to check suffocation. Moreover, crystals also absorb the negative energy so it requires regularly cleaning as well.

9. Crystals can help boost business and attract clients, friends and visitors. Placing malachite in the four corners of the business produces the vibrancy helps attract customers to your shop. Moreover, crystal powders or amethyst on the cashier and window can amplify the popularity of your business and the reputation of its owners.  Both the cashier and the window is considered the “mouth of chi” or the entrance point of energy. Thus, placing malachite at the cash register attracts the cash at the register.

10 Crystals help people to find and create enduring love and intimacy for life long marriage. Crystal powder in the bed helps in mutually melding the emotions of a couple.  A clear

Quartz crystal is often used because it helps people to mature which is important in growing relationships. It provides the loving vibrations that build the strong bond essential among couples, friends and families.

What kinds of Feng Shui crystals? How to put it in use?

1. White crystal.  The white crystal in feng shui pertains to the clear quartz. The clarity of the crystal has the ability to grasp and transform light and to wash or purify energy. As such,

It helps in controlling the flow or movement of light, enhancing intensifying vividness and maintaining energy balance. In feng shui, clear crystals are generally applied to cleanse spaces or area that requires clearing.  It can be placed in the office or in one’s working space to make it cozy and comfortable to create a resounding working ambiance. This will help the individual to work more efficiently, attain a clear mind for prudent decision making and fortify his authority.

2. Citrine. Citrine crystal is characterized by its golden yellow radiance and its solar quality of energy, to which its healing powers is attributed.  However, its golden yellow color that resembles and symbolizes wealth makes crystal to strongly attract luck and wealth in feng shui. In the house, citrine crystals can be used as ornaments in order to reinforce wealth in the house. A citrine bracelet can be also be worn for luck.

3. Amethyst. The methyst crystal is one of the most popular feng shui crystals for its wide range of applications. It is also affordable because of its abundance in nature.  Its color varies from pink to purple or blue, which suggest its healing power. It essentially cleanses the areas with negative energy which is specially used for driving away evil spirits whether at home or any space. It also serves as a source of positive energy at the same time. Derived from the essence of the sun and the moon, this crystal contains a strong yang, which helps strengthen the energy field.

The calming color of amethyst is believed to pacify unwarranted feelings that transitions to peace or serenity. This is the reason why it is used by people suffering from substance abuse or addiction.  Apart from maintaining sobriety and averting addictions, the crystal help cleanse negative thoughts while facilitating entry of amity to attain joy and health.  Moreover, the amethyst is believed to reinforce our body immune system to help combat sickness and other diseases that could otherwise cause energy imbalances in our body.

4. Malachite.  Malachite crystals is easily recognizable for its sparkling green shade ornamented with intricate patterns on its surface, which symbolize vibrancy, strength and revitalization. The essence of malachite in feng shui lies on its energy. It facilitates and stimulate the persistent flow of energy in sync to enhancing one’s and welfare. Malachite cleanes stationary energy and push activity.  It eliminates obstacles that can hinder one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. It distinctively conjoins an invigorating and comforting form of energy that is excellent remedy for attaining physical and emotional health as well as wealth and prosperity.

In conclusion, different kinds of feng shui crystals have different effects and purposes.  It is important for people to consult feng shui experts in order to use the appropriate crystal they need for the specific concern that they want to address. You simply cannot randomly select a crystal of your liking.  Moreover, it is equally important to know how and where to put these crystals to achieve its maximum effect.  Simply owning or possessing one is not sufficient.  The crystals must be strategically placed to make the most of its power.

The correct placement method and taboo of Feng Shui turtle

If you are looking for some more information on the Feng Shui turtle, you have come to the right place. In this article we discuss everything that you need to know about the Feng Shui turtle.

So, what is Feng Shui turtle? Feng Shui turtle is one of the Longsheng’s sons. In Feng Shui, the Feng Shui turtle is a very commonly known Feng Shui mascot. It is known to dispel the evil spirits of the town house. However, for it to work truly according to its known powers, it must be placed in the right position. But do you know how to make a Feng Shui turtle and what is its right place? If not don’t worry, I will explain it to you.

As mentioned before, Feng Shui turtle is a very commonly known Feng Shui mascot. It is mostly made of brass. It is known to be beneficial for many things such as having a safe home, a town house, fighting the evil spirits and a general safety. Moreover, it is also said that the Feng Shui turtle can fight the three scorpions. Most of the times, Feng Shui turtle is placed on the desk of an old man’s bedroom and office.

It is very beneficial for you. Especially if you are having a hard time at work and are not being able to improve and succeed at work, the dragon turtle can help you with that. Have it on your desk for the rest of your life and you will see some great improvement.

Now if you are thinking where does the name ‘dragon turtle’ come from, let me tell you a brief description. The word ‘dragon’ represents the ninety-five stages. These stages mean honor of the tortoise, can recruit nobles against villains and prosperity.

The turtle itself is a symbol of longevity and peace and is known to have a reducing phlegm effect. The dragon tortoise is a combination of the dragon and the tortoise, which doubles its power and makes it even more spiritual. When you are using the dragon turtle as a lucky house, you must make sure that the head of the turtle is oriented towards the door and the window. On the other hand, when the dragon turtle is being used as a phlegm and a mitigation, the head or the back of the turtle can be directed in the direction of the squat. Never place the dragon turtle upside down that is face down and belly up.

Feng Shui turtle
Feng Shui turtle

Few more things you need to know about the position of Feng Shui turtle

  • When you are using the Feng Shui turtle as a lucky house, the head of the turtle should be oriented towards the door and the window.
  • When you are using the Feng Shui turtle for a phlegm and mitigation, the head or the back of the turtle should be directed in the direction of squat, however never punch the turtle.
  • If you are communicating with the Feng Shui turtle and describing your feelings to the turtle, you can only touch your head, but never touch the mouth of Feng Shui turtle. It is strictly forbidden.
  • Never place the Feng Shui turtle upside down which means face down and belly up. It is considered to be very bad.
  • If you want to clean the Feng Shui turtle you can easily do it water. However, the materials that cannot be cleaned with water such as metal can be wiped with a clean white towel or a white handkerchief. Do not use any dirty cloth to clean the turtle. Also, do not use any detergents or any other chemicals to clean the Feng Shui turtle.
  • If you want to place the buddha statues and the gods together in one place, the correct order to do that must be, the buddha statue is in the middle and the Feng Shui turtle is on the side.
  • Apart from yourself and your family, do not let any outsiders touch the turtle especially for a long time. If, however any outsiders do touch it, wash it with clean water and wipe it with a clean white towel or a white handkerchief. Then out it in a warm sunlight for about 10 minutes.
  • Feng Shui turtle does not need any fragrant, however you can still provide it with it water for cleanliness.
  • The dragon turtle has a very peculiar effect on the dissolution of the villain.
  • Putting the dragon turtle in your own financial position is an excellent display for Wang Fortune.
  • The dragon turtle can help you resolve between the right and the wrong, when placed in the company’s office.
  • if you are of very old age you can place the dragon turtle on your bed or on your desk or even wear it on you all the time. this will help dispel the negative energy that is brought by the old age to the person.


To feel pain is to be as human as possible. The time is taken to embrace the pain and determine how to overcome it is what makes the person who he is. Meditation is one of those unique techniques that require the person to take hold of their inner soul and learn to replenish the burning demons inside. It is a peaceful method of approach; a self-battle with the anxiety and stress building up within the mind of an individual.

Meditation has proven to be beneficial for the stressed mind by researchers and scientists. There are patterns of how a certain mind works, that is why every human is different. People who have inevitable thoughts crawling their minds often find meditation useful.

A Solution for Calm Meditation

Meditation can prove to be hard to bear once you start experimenting yourself with it. The prospect of sitting for hours on a cushioned mat with no back support, on the floor till your feet get numb and you start feeling the pain in your joints in hopes of eradicating a different pain form your mind can come to be difficult.

That brings us to the meditation chair. These chairs were brought to our discovery through the research that meditation is useful, to bring further comfort and peace to the people who mediate so that while battling with the inner demons, one must remain focused on the depressed thoughts they need to inhibit rather than the growing pain on their limbs/back. This was the main reason behind the idea of these chairs.


Are you having trouble finding the best way to meditate on these chairs because of the variety they are present in the market? What should you look for in a mediation chair? We are here to help you limit the distraction that could occur when you need all the concentration you can stifle while you meditate.

The type of chair you require depends on the position that suits you best while you meditate. If there are longer sessions that help you find that state of peacefulness, then the use of chairs having a back support are recommended.

The fundamentally vital position of the body is to lay your feet flat down on the floor or any kind of support available such that your hips are slightly raised above the feet and your spine can be elongated in a way that you can push your head backward.

Yoga posture:

Meditation chair is tended in accordance to the need of an individual. People who have difficulty with placemats should consider taking a cushion of various sizes to support their weight. Others might find the cross-legged position hard to embrace, they can kneel around a cushion shaped according to their need.

But the use of a chair is for those who need to relax their back during the long hours spent in the meditating sessions. Even on chairs, people can place cushions to retain the pressure of the hard surface or to elongate one’s posture as they focus on finding peace. Hence finding a comfortable companion while the session prolongs requires that you find the position and posture that can be termed the best for your meditating sessions.

Cushion Filling:

The chair that you buy should have a comfortable exterior for your sore limbs to survive through the long, resourceful sessions which could otherwise be proven painful. The cushion of the chair must have a decent stuffing of the material inside.


There are various choices for what could be inside the cushion; wool is termed to be a lightweight bearing support that is beneficial for people feeling discomfort on hard exteriors. These kind of exteriors are more comfortable and exhibit better blood flow in the body. Secondly, there are rather tough exteriors which shape according to the body’s sitting position. These come in handy during elongated sessions.


A meditation chair needs to have a sturdy back support. It should hold a strong, decent back which can carry your spine in the position that suits you best while you meditate. The height of the chair should be according to the height of the individual practicing. One must be able to elongate their spine in an erect position all the while having the space to tilt their head backward. The erectness of the spine promotes better blood flow in the body.


The weight of the body determines the weight of the chair holding your meditation sessions. For you to remain comfortable in the chair, you should find yourself a chair that is able to bear your weight yet is the right size for your yoga posture because what you need in a chair is to help you meditate consistently and effectively so that the practice comes easier eventually and that can happen with the use of a good weight bearing chair.

Pressure Bearing:

For a meditation chair to be durable and strong throughout the meditation sessions is of vital importance because the wreckage of the chair that you potentially might have to deal with should be the last thing to trouble you when you already have a list of worries to limit yourself from. A good chair should not only be able to bear the pressure of your weight but should also release the tension pressing on your body from all the stress stored as the result of depression and anxiety.

The chair that you should be buying must relieve the discomfort that presents itself on your limbs, joints, back and in general, the whole body when you sit for long hours in a single posture. It should release that growing pain and align your spine for better flow of blood as a result of back aligning support.


There are people who travel a lot or do not stay in one place for long periods of time. These people, who work a lot, need a portable companion to help them release the pent-up stress and built up tension in their minds. A meditation chair, for these people, needs to light-weight and portable so that it can be carried around from one place to another.


These preferable chairs for travelers can also provide the handiness of trying out different positions due to the acquired variance in their size and shape. This adjustable feature could be proved beneficial if there are more than one people encompassing the act to meditate on a single chair.


For the sessions to be as long as you wish them to be and the fact that the sessions further motivate you to embrace the idea of meditation rather than abandon it, you require a comfortable meditation chair. The material invested in the chair should be able to withhold your meditation mantra for long hours and refrain from offering you any discomfort. It should be eco-friendly so that your practice of gaining peace does not produce stressful outcomes for other people.

The design should be capable of offering space for the body to fit in reliably in a relaxed position to gain as much comfort as necessary to gather the concentration and peace required for the repetition of a mantra or the letting the body relax while you meditate.

It is suggested that you meditate on a comfortable as long as it helps your body find the inner peace.

What kind of bedroom feng shui is good?

Bedroom feng shui is important to ensure that you get quality rest or sleep by balancing the energy forces in the bedroom to harmonize with the person sleeping in the room, which could otherwise create negative energy that can disrupt sleep and even interpersonal relationship among the people living in it. Following the right bedroom feng shui also contributes in attracting luck bringing family harmony in the home.

Balanced Bedroom Size

Bigger is not better. According to feng shui experts, the size of the bedroom should be not too big because it stifles intimacy and emotional exchange. It should not be too small because it could be suffocating. This is reflected in Emperor Yongzheng’s bedroom during the Qing Dynasty Imperial Palace in China, which only features a 10 square meters space, which is way smaller than bedrooms in modern villas today.

The ideal size of the bedroom is relative to the size of the house.  What is important is that the bedroom should be smaller than the living room.  In the viewpoint of macroscopic feng shui, the bedroom is yin or negative while the living room is yang or positive. Negative energy is concentrated in the bedroom to allow people to become easily tired to induce sleep, whereas the living room is positive energy because it is where are activities are done.

Master bedroom is bigger than other bedrooms. The master bedroom where the head of family (e.g. parents) sleeps should be larger than the rest of the bedrooms.  This represents the natural balance of power distribution in the family which is important for harmony.

Quiet Bedroom Location

Back of the House. The ideal location of the bedroom is at the back-end of the house to ensure tranquility.  Bedroom should not be in noisy locations such as at the top of the garage or the kitchen stove, or the bottom of the stairs.  The boisterous sound brings negative energy that disturbs sleep and potentially produces health problems.

Forbidden spaces

Under the stairs. Apart from the noise caused by people walking up and down the stairs, the bottom of the stairs is not appropriate bedroom location because of the low sloped and inclined ceilings that can cause a downward pressure body discomfort. The low ceiling creates a feel of being crushed or squashed whereas a straight ceiling reinforced by four pillars generates the feel of stability or support. This sense of suppression can correspondingly impact your fortune.

bedroom feng shui

Under a beam.  Similarly, placing the bed directly under beam like in attics can also produce that slight feeling of restlessness because the beam resembles a sharp object aimed at you that creates a sense of negative danger that can be distracting. Sharp angles initiate Sha Chi energy is a killing or attacking energy to opposes your positive disposition.  Moreover, this negative physical magnetic induction can affect both your health and fortune.  If placing the bed under a beam is unavoidable, one way to block the Chi is by using a canopy bed, whose top case deter or check negative energies.

bedroom feng shui

Ideal Bed Location

The bed should be against the wall. Backing the bed against the wall creates the idea of support and safety.  This is important because our bed serves as our sanctuary and refuge.  We are most vulnerable when we are asleep and unconscious hence it is important that we feel secured when we retreat to our bed.  Adding a headboard against the wall further provides you with this indirect tinge of protection or security, which can help you fall asleep faster and easier.

The bed should not be backed up against the wall with the bedroom door.  The practical reason for this is because the sound (e.g. knocking) and movement of opening or closing the door could disturb your sleep.  Moreover, one needs to literarily get up from bed to check who’s behind that door, instead of merely moving your head to check who is coming.

Bed should not be facing the bedroom door. Whilst the door should not be behind your bed, it should neither face you as well. For one, facing the door can obstruct your privacy.  Anybody entering your bedroom can immediately see what you are doing in bed. Thus, this bed position creates a sense of exposure and defenselessness. The soles of feet facing the door is also described as coffin position because it resembles the traditional practice of carrying deceased with their feet first. Under these premises, the bed should be diagonal to the bedroom door to fashion a commanding position.

Bed should not be backed up against the toilet wall. The Bed should not be backed up against the toilet wall nor should the bed face the bathroom door. This forbidden layout creates an arrangement where in all the energies or efforts of a person can go down the drain. That literally means that your plans, activities, financial ventures and even health will potentially fail or be squandered. In more pragmatic terms, arranging your bed right next to the toilet will possibly disturb your sleep because of the noise caused by flushing toilet as well as water flowing through the pipes and faucets.

Bed should not be placed in an angle in the corners.  Putting your head in sharp corners is like placing your head in a biting position or placing yourself in danger that creates uneasiness.  Moreover, positioning your bed in contrast to the parallel positions of the wall makes you run against the natural flow of energy in the bedroom.  Going against the current of energy can cause disorientation in one’s position and discord in one’s surroundings. Your sleep position and your bedroom must mutually support and complement energies.

bedroom feng shui

Bed should not be placed under the windows. Placing your bed under the window makes you vulnerable to the Chi or negative energy entering through the window. This can include bad scent, noise and light that can essentially upset your slumber.

Putting side tables in the bed. To further create a well-balanced bed, adding two bedside tables on each side of the bed also improves congruous feng shui energy as it allows the bed to be straightforwardly welcoming and accessible from both sides.

Optimal Appliances and installations

Limit number of appliances. Too many appliances such as television, refs, sound components, DVD, mobile phones and other devices in the bedroom influence the magnetic field. These artificial devices act as extinguishers of natural energies from wind and water.  Moreover, modern medical theory also warns people that appliances emit electrical radiation and electromotive force (EMF) from electrical energy that is perilous to human health.  While the emission of radiation negatively affects your health, these appliances also can serve as distractions that can get in the way for meaningful and intimate connection and interaction among the people in the bedroom. It could also cause stress because easy access to these devices makes one disposed to work and other activities that can disturb our inclination to sleep or rest.

bedroom feng shui

Mirror facing the bed is forbidden. A mirror in the bedroom is useful because it is the place where people fix themselves to get ready for work or for the outside world.  However, mirrors should be placed not facing the bed because they are a distraction.  All reflections that we see in the mirror including our own movements can distract our sleep. As part of our survival instincts, people are sensitive in capturing images in our vision to recognize dangers including visions that are imaginary like ghosts.  Mirrors facing our beds indirectly make us unwillingly watchful and alert which can get in the way for us to find a good disposition to sleep. Some believes that having bedroom mirrors can hypothetically stimulate infidelity among couples because they are extremely energetic to be placed in a supposedly calming bedroom space.

Proper ventilation

Windows. A good feng shui bedroom should be properly ventilated to allow the entry of fresh air.  Corollary to which, a bedroom that lacks ventilation is suffocating and stale scent. Ventilation is critical to regulate amount of moisture inside the bedroom that could otherwise make way for the breeding of germs and other pollutant that could affect one’s health.  To achieve proper ventilation, the bedroom should have a window that can be open to allow fresh air and oxygen to come in.

Air purifiers and essential oils. You can opt to put an air purifier in order to complement the bedroom’s freshness. Fresh air brings positive energy in as much as we need oxygen to breathe to bring us to life.  Still, other people add essential oils in the purifiers to further enhance the breeziness or coolness of their atmosphere.  Some essential oils have healing or relaxing properties which can provide comfort to you.

Bed with sufficient Height. A bed with storage drawer underneath is bad feng shui because it can blocks the circulation of energy under your body.  The bed should have be elevated at a certain height to allow energy flow to circulate under the bed

Keep the plants out. While plants can help keep the room air fresh by producing oxygen, it should be kept outside of your bedroom. This is because plants and flower hold strong amounts of yang energy which may keep you roused and wake.

Soothing walls and decorations

Light colors. The wall colors play a vital component of the calming and comforting ambiance of the bedroom.  Light colors such as white helps stimulate the perfect stream of energy for relaxation and recuperative rest.  There is no specific feng shui wall color. It could be purple, blue or green.  What is important is that the color should not be too strong, sharp and bright, which opposes repose and respite.  Dark colors are also not advisable because it creates a gloomy and melancholic character of the bedroom. Incidentally, a neutral color is white which is naturally soothing and connotes cleanliness, purity and peace, which we need to sleep well.

The Use of Positive decorations and images. Under this heading, it is also important to choose relaxing images as decorations. Your image surroundings should reinforce Sheng Chi energy.  Images convey very powerful messages and energy.  Surrounding yourself with dismal and dim pictures can make you depressed. Encasing yourself with pictures of monsters and freaks can turn you into a brute.  What we constantly see in our environment nourishes the energy that we directly or indirectly aim for. Thus, you need to select images that provide positive energy such as photos that depict happiness, beauty, hope and love which similarly attracts the same kind of energy.

The notion of an ideal bedroom connotes varying descriptions to different people based on their varying personalities, preferences, cultures, ideologies, advocacies and predilections. However, everybody needs a peaceful place to achieve that much needed sleep or rest. These feng shui bedroom recommendations apply to anybody because it aims for the achievement of our universal need for love, healing, and relaxation when it comes to slumber.